What is an IP Address

An IP Address is based upon the Internet Protocol system and is essentially the tool used for several computers to communicate. Internet Protocol consists of information in the forms of packets being transmitted across a network.


An IP Address, similar to a home address, is a number given that identifies the location of each device (whether it is a computer, printer, router or other machine).

Each IP address is unique and without an IP address, computers would not be able to communicate, share information or transmit packets to one another.

IP Address Identify - IP Address Tracking

An IP address may also be thought of as the language that a computer network speaks. IP addresses are designed so that computers and other devices on various networks or hosts may communicate and share data. In addition to the practical uses of an IP address, they also serve as identifiers.

Because an IP address is similar to a home address, computer users may be tracked down and their locations determined by use of an IP address. IP addresses use protocols (rules or standards) to ensure that data is transmitted accurately.

IP addresses serve numerous purposes and because they are used to track down Internet activity they are identifiers of a user's Internet behavior. Law enforcement officials frequently use IP addresses to track down people suspected of illegal activity conducted onlilne.

What is an IP Address - IP Address Types

IP addresses consist of a series of four numbers separated by decimal points. There are two types of IP addresses: static and dynamic.

Static IP addresses remain the same and are unchanging. They are permanent and are used as easy identifiers.

Dynamic IP addresses are temporary and change. They are essentially taken out of a pool of IP addresses and used on a temporary basis. Since Dynamic IP addresses are temporary they are considered less secure than Static IP addresses.

Regardless of whether you use a Static or Dynamic IP address, it is imperative to ensure that your computer is secure and protected from risk.

Dynamic IP Address & Static IP Address

Static IP addresses are often assigned to a computer when there is no need for an IP address to change. Dynamic IP addresses may be assigned through a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

Many Internet Host Providers uses Dynamic IP addresses as computers can essentially share them from the pool. For example, a Dynamic IP address may be used by one user and when he or she goes offline, the same Dynamic IP address may be used by a different user.

Therefore, Static IP addresses are considered stable, while Dynamic IP addresses aren't. Dynamic IP addresses are not recommended for those who are involved with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol); online gaming or those who provide game hosting services. As Dynamic IP addresses change they may drop while in the middle of important services.

Firewalls are important tools to ensure that a computer user's IP address is protected from unauthorized users. Because an IP address is so important to locating a user, many people choose to hide IP addresses in addition to using firewalls and other software that keeps computer users safe.

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