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WHOIS IP Domain Lookup

WHOIS, which is a protocol on the net as well as client/ server system to lookup who owns Domain Name or IP address and to perform Whois search info on both.


What a searcher needs to have is the appropriate reach to the sites that can lead them further to WHOIS database from where they can get the information of that particular range.

For example Arin.net helps in Whois search on both Domain Name and IP addresses for North American IP ranges, Lacnic.net helps for American/ Caribbean ranges, Ripe.net for European renges, and Apnic.net for Asian servers and so on. UNIX operating systems comprise in-built WHOIS client but other operating systems like Windows and MAC needs to download it explicitly.

WHOIS Lookup Domain Name Info & IP Addresses

Our WHOIS IP lookup is absolutely free Whois domain tool that helps in finding information about the owner name and telephone number, registration details and list of DNS (Domain name servers that help to convert the site name to requisite IP address) servers within that range.

Up to this everything is perfect; now let’s give a thought for private IP addresses or to the gamut of IP addresses taken by any big organizations. In those cases WHOIS needs to take a resort of IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Beyond IANA one needs to contact system administrator of that private network for the precise contact to the person.

That is more or less about tracing a particular IP address or tracing the owner of Domain Name via our advanced IP WHOIS tool.

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IP Tracer & IP Tracker

We are very happy to present you IP-Address.org The place where you will find the most powerful IP tracer and IP tracker tools on the Web. All our IP tools are free of charge.

IP Tools

The idea behind our site is to give you all available IP tools for free which will help you to find out anything what you need to know about owner of any IP address or domain.

IP Location Finder

The site is still in development and the new IP finder modules will be added to our project in future.
Right now you can use any of IP finder modules below:

IP Checker

My IP location tracing module below which check IP from your visitors and show IP information's to them is free for use.

To add the javascript API to a specific location on your website, copy/paste the script below and place it within your code where you would like it to appear on your website.