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IP Locator

Before you can set out to change IP or hide your IP address you must know what it is. The easiest way to determine what is your IP and to find IP address location is to use our IP lookup also known as IP Locator tool.

With it you can easily track down hosts and websites as well as determine your own IP address. Our tool provides the computer user with several important pieces of information in addition to the 32 bit IP address.


IP Lookup Location to country, city

An IP lookup tool from IP-Address.org will provide you with geographical information regarding a computer user.

By entering an IP address into the IP address locator tool you can determine where a computer user is located by city, state and you can also determine who their ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Organization is. The IP lookup tool may even include a zip code. The accuracy rate of our IP locator tool is very high.

When you use the IP address lookup tool, you'll see the results pointing to a house on the map. The IP Location map will include information such as longitude and latitude and may have a marker which shows where the computer user is from.

Accuracy rate from ourtool is very high. Even if our search results are sometimes not 100% accurate, still are valuable and can help you determine a variety of factors, such as country, state, ISP, organization, currency, IDD etc. In addition to your WAN IP, also known as public or external IP address, our IP checker tool may also find IP address of your local area network (LAN).


IP Check: Advertisements Map
IP Address:
IP Host:ec2-34-239-158-223.c ompute-1.amazonaws.c om
Continent:North America (NA)
Country: United States  us Location Flag (US)
Postal Code:20149
Time zone:America/New_York
Related Information
Continent Lat/Lon: 46.07305 / -100.546
Country Lat/Lon: 38 / -98
City Lat/Lon: (39.0469) / (-77.4903)
IP Language: English
IP Currency:United States dollar($) (USD)
IDD Code:+1
IP Lookup & IP Locator Rating:
4.91 out of 5 (98.12%) (44680 Votes)

FInd IP - LAN IP Finder

In addition to your IP address, a IP lookup tool may also find the IP address of your local area network (LAN) and detailed information. Some people may be surprised to discover how much information is available online simply by checking an IP address. Those who are concerned about their security should take steps to ensure that their information is protected when online. If you are concerned about your security and think that your information may be compromised you may feel best by using a proxy server.

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Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP lookup is process to find out all the domains hosted at the same IP address. With reverse lookup is possible to check which domains are located on same webserver and whether it is a good idea to place a new site at the same hosting.

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IP Tracer & IP Tracker

We are very happy to present you IP-Address.org The place where you will find the most powerful IP tracer and IP tracker tools on the Web. All our IP tools are free of charge.

IP Tools

The idea behind our site is to give you all available IP tools for free which will help you to find out anything what you need to know about owner of any IP address or domain.

IP Location Finder

The site is still in development and the new IP finder modules will be added to our project in future.
Right now you can use any of IP finder modules below:

IP Checker

My IP location tracing module below which check IP from your visitors and show IP information's to them is free for use.

To add the javascript API to a specific location on your website, copy/paste the script below and place it within your code where you would like it to appear on your website.