IP Address Classes

An IP address is similar to a home address in the sense that it is an identifier.


Each computer, printer or device uses an IP address in order to communicate. When IP addresses are assigned to a particular group, they are referred to as IP address Classes. IP address Classes may be assigned to organizations, businesses or government operations.

Five types of IP classes

An IP address consists of four groups of numbers separated by a decimal point. These numbers are referred to as octets, due to the fact that when an IP address is seen in its binary form it is a 32-bit number. All IP address octets range between the numbers 0 and 255.
There are five types of classes that IP addresses may be grouped into. These are Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class E. In addition to the classes there are also broadcast messages.

Class A IP Address

Class A IP addresses are used for networks that have a large number of hosts. The first octet in Class A IP addresses range from 1 to 126. More than half of all IP addresses are Class A.

Class B IP Address

Class B IP addresses are identified by the first octet that ranges between the numbers 128-191. In a Class B IP address the first two octets are used to identify the network. These IP addresses are used for medium size networks.

Class C IP Address

Class C IP addresses are used for smaller networks or local area networks. A class three IP address uses the first three octets to identify the network. The numbers range between 192 and 223.

Class D IP Address

Class D IP addresses are used for multicasts with the numbers range between 224 to 239.

Class E IP Address

Class E IP addresses are used for experimental or future use with the number range between from 240 to 255.

Because an IP address is vital for identifying a computer, as well as identifying a network, many people choose to hide their IP address. Allowing IP addresses to remain visible can invite trouble as it opens the doorway to hackers and those who have unscrupulous intentions. Many who want to change their IP address must begin by identifying their address.

There are many tools available that will help user's identify their IP address and often information is obtained such as the city, state and country where a person is located. As this information may be considered sensitive or private hiding IP addresses has become a popular solution for many computer users. When changing an IP address it is important to be aware of how your computer is connected to the Internet.

Hiding an IP address is not the only way computer users utilize this information. Sometimes it is necessary to trace an Email to determine where it is coming from. Those who are victims of spammers often use our trace Email programs and tools to track down an offender and determine who is using their information or sending them unsolicited junk.


Law enforcement officials can trace IP addresses to determine who is committing illegal or fraudulent activity. Since an IP address can be translated into a network, you can determine whether or not an IP address has been listed on a spam blocking system as well.

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