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Hide IP Address With Proxy Server

Those who choose not to change their IP address may decide they would like to hide their IP address instead. An IP address may be successfully hidden through the use of a proxy server.


We might have heard this term many times. But I doubt, how many of us know, what a proxy server is and how to use proxy to hide IP address? Actually, a proxy server is nothing but a computer itself (server) that allows other computers to make indirect network connections.

Client (Your PC) --> Proxy Server (Hide IP Address --> Destination (Web site)


Its working is just like this, as soon as the client establish a connection with the proxy server, then it will ask for a connection, files or any other resources resides in another server.

Actually the proxy server is providing the clients with resources from the particular server or sometimes from a cache also. During certain times, there are chances of altering either the request of the server or the response from the server by the proxy itself upon different situations.

Some of the commonly used implementation methods are from the client side and from the server side:

How To Hide IP address Through Browser Proxy Server

Browser Proxy Server help us to hide IP and do the configuration of our browser so that we can route the traffic in our browser through the system. These types of proxy servers are usually available at free of cost. As these proxies are accessible to the public, they are a bit slow.

Hide IP address Through Web Proxy Server

Web proxy servers is actually a site which consists of a form in which we need to type the URL of the website which we want to visit by hiding our IP address.

Then the next step is to submit the form, so that the website based proxy servers will send a request to get the page we wanted.

Depending on the price, there will be variation in the features of these types of proxy. Some website proxy servers are available free of cost and some will be charged.

Hide IP Address And Proxy Types

There are several types of proxy servers but each, except non anonymous proxy server, is used to hide an IP address.

A proxy server is a computer that allows other computers to make indirect network connections.
There are both web proxy servers and browser proxy servers.

Proxy servers are also divided into four categories:

  • transparent proxy ( non anonymous proxy server)
  • anonymous proxy servers
  • elite or high anonymous proxy servers
  • distorting proxy server (gateway proxy server)

How To Hide IP Address With Different Types of Proxy Servers

  1. Anonymous proxy - Those who want to hide an IP address should choose an anonymous proxy server. An anonymous proxy server will successfully hide IP address and ensures that your IP address is undetectable. But one defect associated with this type of proxy is that, they can be easily get detected.
  2. Transparent proxy - A transparent proxy server doesn’t hide IP address. This proxy will identify itself as the original proxy and it also allows the original IP address to be available through the http readers.
  3. Distorting proxy (in the proxy world also known as Gateway proxy server ): We can hide IP address by using this type of proxy. Though a distorting proxy hides your IP address, it also identifies itself as a proxy server, therefore it is detectable and others will know that you are using the proxy.
  4. High Anonymous or Elite Proxy Server: This proxy server will hide IP address and will not identify that you are using a proxy server because do not send any typical proxy variable to the website.
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