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IP addresses are the system used to identify computers on a network. They allow computers, printers and other devices to communicate with each other as well as transmit packets of data and information.


Without IP addresses, computers wouldn't be able to communicate. Though IP addresses are extremely important, there are times when a person may wish to change their IP address.

As IP addresses can reveal important information about the computer user, 'how to change an IP address' or 'is it possible to change IP address' are some of the most frequently asked questions by computer users.

How To Change IP address in Windows 7 and other operating system

There are several ways to change your IP address in Windows 7 and all other computer operating system and as the majority of people have a dynamic IP address, changing it can be simple.

To change a dynamic IP address turn off the cable or dsl modem to reset the address and get a fresh one. This is accomplished by unplugging the cable or dsl modem then plugging it in after at least five minutes. Some find that unplugging the system and leaving it unplugged overnight will effectively change an IP address as well.

How To Change IP on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, WIn 98

Another method used for changing an IP address in Windows 7 is to go through the CMD command (Command Prompt).

To begin with changing an IP address in Windows 7, computer users must click "start," "run," and then type "CMD" in the window bar. Once you have opened CMD you can type "ipconfig/release" (do not include the quotation marks) followed by "ipconfig/renew" (again, do not include quotation marks).

Then shut down the computer and all devices connected such as Ethernet and modems and leave the system shut down overnight. In most situation's, when the computer restarts it should have a new IP address.

This method should successfully reset and change your dynamic IP address. And it works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, WIndows 2000 and any other WIndows computer operating system.

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Clone MAC Address Method To Change IP Address

If we fails to change IP, even after attempting the above said methods, then please check whether your router is having a 'clone MAC Address' option. Find out your internal or LAN IP address with our IP Checker. Then use given IP address to access your administration panel and try to find out a 'clone MAC Address' option.

  • 'WAN MAC Address' field displays the current MAC address of the WAN port.
  • 'Your PC's MAC Address' displays the MAC address of the PC that is managing the Router. You can click the Clone MAC Address button , then it will be filled into the WAN MAC Address field.
  • Click the Save button to save your settings.
  • Restart your router and check out with our IP Lookup of your IP address has been changed
    • Note: You can alwasy click 'Restore Factory MAC' button (see screenshot above) to restore the MAC address of WAN port to the factory default value.

      Clone MAC Address will definitely help us to change the IP address. But in some cases, this will get failed. Then the next way is to contact the ISP and enquire them abut, whether they can help us to change IP address or enquire about, period of time, we need to unplug our connection to get a different IP.

      Those who choose not to change their IP address may decide they would like to hide their IP address instead. An IP address may be successfully hidden through the use of a proxy server.

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