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Locate an IP address

If you're looking for an easy way to locate an IP address, check and find the IP owner, then you've come to the right place with our tracking technology.

Welcome to the universe of IP-Address.org. It's the ultimate destination for all your IP address tracking, tracing and information lookup needs. Locating IP address and finding IP location on the world map was never so easy as it is now.


No matter of you need to trace Email sender or you need to track website owner. Almost everything is possible.

With our fast and accurate IP Checker you will know instantly all information's about Your IP.

With our IP Locator tool you will get all information's about any other IP address (public or WAN IP) and with WhoIs IP lookup you will get sensible information's about owner of any domain.

If you have received suspicious looking email into your email box and you would like to track email owner back then is our Email tracking tool right way to find out more informations about real email sender.

Our very powerful and free IP tracker will give you ability to find, search, trace and track all IP addresses in the world.
IP Locator will help you to find out not only 'what is my IP address' but you will be also able to find IP of your own router with Check My IP tool that lookup what is router or LAN IP from your computer.


IP Locator: What Is My IP Address Advertisements Find IP Geoocation on IP Map
My IP Address:
[Public or WAN IP]
My IP Host: ec2-100-26-176-111.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Remote Port: 15242
Proxy Header:Not Found
Proxy Tor Network: Not Detected
Computer OS: (version unknown)
Browser: User Agent: Ccbot
Full Version Info: 2.0
Browser Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
Find IP Address Location for 'My IP'
Continent:North America (NA)
Country: United States  IP Country Located In United States (US)
Physical Address: What Is My IP? GeoIP
Time zone: America/New_York
IP Lookup related for 'My IP'
Continent Lat/Lon: 46.07305 / -100.546
Country Lat/Lon: 38 / -98
City Lat/Lon: (39.0469) / (-77.4903)
IP Language: English
IP Currency:United States dollar($) (USD)
IDD Code:+1
Find IP Location on IP Location Map
IP Tracker & IP Finder Rating:
4.4 out of 5 (87.97%) (4202 Votes)

What is an IP?

IP addresses consist of a series of four numbers separated by decimal points. There are two types: static and dynamic. Static IP remain the same and are unchanging. They are permanent and are used as easy identifiers. Dynamic IP are temporary and may be changed from time to time.

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Change IP

As IP addresses can reveal important information about the computer user, 'how to change an IP' or 'is it possible to change IP' are some of the most frequently asked questions by computer users. There are several methods to change IP and as the majority of people have a dynamic IP, changing IP address can be simple.

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Hide IP

Those who choose not to change their IP may decide they would like to hide their IP instead. An IP address may be successfully hidden through the use of a proxy server. There are several types of proxy servers but each (except transparent proxy) is used to hide an IP.

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IP Address Classes

An IP address is similar to a home address in the sense that it is an identifier. Each computer, printer or device uses an IP in order to communicate. When IP addresses are assigned to a particular group, they are referred to as IP Classes. They may be assigned to organizations, businesses or government operations.

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IP Locator - Whois, Trace & Check Email and other IP Tools

We have seen many other IP tracking services but our IP locating service is different than others because:

  • Our IP locator tool is free, fast and very accurate with high detection rate
  • You do not need to register yourself to use any our IP tools
  • We do not limit on number of IP lookup's per IP address

With the combination of Whois IP Lookup, by which you can search IP and get all relevant information's about owner of IP address (ISP and Organization) and Trace Email service by which you can successfully track email sender, is IP-Address.org one of the most powerful IP tracing services on the Web.

Our Precise IP Tracker

We are very happy to present you IP-Address.org. Ever since this site was launched way back in 2011, we've been able to let you find and get the location of any IP address using our precise IP tracker.

IP Location Finder

The idea behind our site is to provide you with free IP tools, which will help you find out everything you need know about the owner of any IP address or domain.

Despite its many years of existence, the website is still under development and new IP modules as well as IP location tools may be added in the future.

At this moment you can use any of the modules listed below to get more information as well as find the location of IP addresses:

IP Checker API

Javascript IP checker API for showing the IP address, location and accompanying information on your website, to your visitors, you can see below and it is completely free to use:

To add the javascript API to a specific location on your website, copy/paste the script below and place it within your code where you would like it to appear on your website.